Ten Questions, Ten Answers, Sort Of

psychology pop quizI’ve been thinking, IronShrink, and have some random questions for you. I hope to see some or all of these questions answered because they are burning a hole in my head, suppress them as I might try. – Just Asking. Continue reading “Ten Questions, Ten Answers, Sort Of”

Should Psychologists Use Sliding Fee Scales?

Q: Hi Shawn. As a psychologist myself, I’m wrestling with whether to work with an increasing number of patients asking me to accept reduced fees. With the bad economy, more people want sliding-scale services. The problem is that the more sliding-scale work I do, the more hours I have to put in to pay the bills. It’s tiring. Just wondering how you approach the problem. – Michelle Continue reading “Should Psychologists Use Sliding Fee Scales?”

How To Tell If Your Therapist Is Crazy (Part Two)

do therapists need help?As tempting as it is to believe that most mental health workers are wacky and maladjusted, the data tell a different story. For the most part, we seem to be fairly sane. Our downfall, in my sometimes overbearing opinion, is that we have a tendency toward muddled thinking. Our logic chips are frequently on the fritz, and it is our patients who pay the price in time, money, and heartache. Continue reading “How To Tell If Your Therapist Is Crazy (Part Two)”

How To Tell If Your Therapist Is Crazy (Part One)

crazy-shrinkQ: Why should we trust any of you [psychologists]? Aren’t you all crazy?

Q: Do you think there are alot of people in your profession who are pretty strange themselves? Why should anyone trust any of you?

Q: Are all therapists crazy? What about the suicide rate? Continue reading “How To Tell If Your Therapist Is Crazy (Part One)”