Book Review: Men On Strike

Men on strike coverMen are a strange bunch. We’ll fight each other to the death over a patch of land. We’ll go to the mat over an imagined insult. Sometimes we brawl just for fun. But we do not enjoy conflict with women. Any relationship therapist can tell you that men tend to retreat from arguments, leaving women frustrated and isolated, and leaving relationship problems unresolved. It may be the single most common complaint from women about the men in their lives. Continue reading “Book Review: Men On Strike”

Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It (Part Two)

In Part One of this two-parter, I offered a few common reasons that men stop talking in relationships. Then, being a man, I ran out of things to say. I’m back now with some thoughts on how to tackle this problem as a team. Continue reading “Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It (Part Two)”

Five Things My Daughter Has Taught Me About Fatherhood

Hide and seekOur little girl is about to turn five years old. It is true, what they say about the brevity of childhood. I think that children bring an acute awareness of life’s transience. Before our energetic and precocious daughter came into our lives, each day was very much like the next. There were few extraordinary events to mark the passage of time. Continue reading “Five Things My Daughter Has Taught Me About Fatherhood”

Is My Ex-Wife Possessed?

satanic possession in different culturesQ: I have an ex-wife who turned into another person. When I first met her, she was fine. But after a while she changed. I did not think much of it until I noticed the bed levitating on its own one night. Then as I was talking to her, her head turned 360 degrees on her neck. Full circle… It was the damnedest thing. She started talking all growly to me in some bizarre voice and I grabbed a cross and left after she puked on me. Was that wrong? Should I have tried counseling? – Damien Continue reading “Is My Ex-Wife Possessed?”

How Do I Get Grampa to Take His Medication?

Q: My father who lives with us recently went on medication for high blood pressure. He seems fine and he doesn’t have any memory problems. The problem is, he won’t take his medication unless we constantly remind him and it’s becoming a daily battle. How do we get him to take his medication? – Monique, Lansing, Michigan Continue reading “How Do I Get Grampa to Take His Medication?”

Am I Destined to be Attracted to My Daughter?

Q: My wife and I just had our first child six months ago, a girl. I was expecting a boy so I was pleasantly surprised. However, now I’m concerned, my wife is a very attractive woman and I’m expecting my daughter to also grow into an attractive young lady. Am I destined to be attracted to my daughter? How can I safeguard against this?– Jon, Palm Beach Continue reading “Am I Destined to be Attracted to My Daughter?”