Why Do I Feel Horny When I Have a Cold?

hormones, cytokines, and the immune systemDon’t laugh, but I get extremely randy whenever I have a cold. Am I the only one? Why does this happen? – Mike

Dear Mike,

It seems counter-intuitive to be lookin’ for love when your body is under attack, but you are not alone. When I searched Google for phrases such as “sick and horny” I found men and women wondering why they feel frisky when they’re fighting infection.

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Should I Take Antidepressants?

antidepressants may not be the answerI’ve been considering asking my doctor for antidepressants, but I’ve heard that they are no better than placebos. What do you think? Do antidepressants work, or should I opt for the sugar pill? – BD Continue reading “Should I Take Antidepressants?”

Can Animals Recognize Shapes?

animal-symbol-recognitionQ: Is there such a thing as memory fluid? And can shapes affect your thoughts? Or can any other things affect your thoughts? Me and a friend are doing a science fair project and we are testing hamster memory. We will make three different mazes and put the hamster in, and see how many times it takes for it to remember the route. She suggested varying the materials, but I said I don’t think that’ll affect it, so let’s use shapes instead. But do the shapes or the materials (or both) affect your thoughts more? – Johnny Continue reading “Can Animals Recognize Shapes?”