Duct Tape Solutions for the Mind

Last week I had the honor of speaking with about 200 wonderful students at Northeastern Community College here in Colorado. We discussed important things, like why the mind is willing to jump through too many hoops for a free cookie. During a lively Q&A, one student asked my opinion on sleeping pills. How does a person know when medication is the proper way to treat sleep difficulties? Continue reading “Duct Tape Solutions for the Mind”

Five Reasons Why Marijuana Is a Real Jerk Sometimes

pot_is_a_jerkHere in Colorado we recently legalized recreational marijuana. I think that was a good decision. Grownups don’t need babysitters, and on my list of societal ills pot falls somewhere between stray dogs and people who drive slowly in the fast line. Continue reading “Five Reasons Why Marijuana Is a Real Jerk Sometimes”

Should I Take Antidepressants?

antidepressants may not be the answerI’ve been considering asking my doctor for antidepressants, but I’ve heard that they are no better than placebos. What do you think? Do antidepressants work, or should I opt for the sugar pill? – BD Continue reading “Should I Take Antidepressants?”

Why Am I So Irritable In The Winter?

Q: Is there anything that can be done for seasonal depression? The long months of overcast skies and reduced sunlight never had any noticeable effect on me in my youth, but as I approach middle age, I find I’m irritable, fractious, melancholy and generally about as pleasant as a plowed-up snake from about mid November until at least mid May. Last year was the worst ever. Since I plan to live through at least another 45 winters or so, it would sure be nice to know if there’s anything I can do about this. – Sean Continue reading “Why Am I So Irritable In The Winter?”

More Reasons to Think Twice About Antidepressants

prozacSometimes antidepressants make me sad. 🙁

Before we get to the links, here’s my usual disclaimer: I am not flatly opposed to antidepressant medication. Sometimes it is useful, yadda, yadda, yadda. It is also grossly overprescribed and misused. Here are a couple new and compelling reasons to explore non-pharmaceutical treatment for depression. Continue reading “More Reasons to Think Twice About Antidepressants”

Should I Have Faith in My Psychologist?

Q: Is it true that a person has to “believe in” mental health treatment for it to work? A heart patient does not need to believe in the pill that helps his ticker, but I have been told that mental health treatment requires an attitude of belief. Thanks, doc. – Sreed Continue reading “Should I Have Faith in My Psychologist?”

How Do I Get Grampa to Take His Medication?

Q: My father who lives with us recently went on medication for high blood pressure. He seems fine and he doesn’t have any memory problems. The problem is, he won’t take his medication unless we constantly remind him and it’s becoming a daily battle. How do we get him to take his medication? – Monique, Lansing, Michigan Continue reading “How Do I Get Grampa to Take His Medication?”