Why Victimhood Is Thriving at College, and What We Can Do about It

Trigger Warning: This ironshrink post contains reference to hash browns.Here’s a modern-day riddle. In a world where predators prey on weakness, why would anyone pretend to be gutless and fragile? Bad guys search for vulnerability in their victims. It makes no sense to paint a target on oneself by feigning weakness. Continue reading “Why Victimhood Is Thriving at College, and What We Can Do about It”

14 Character Traits Young Men Learn from Good Men

skills that boys learn from menIt seems that men aren’t very popular these days. There are books o’plenty on the shortcomings and irrelevancy of men. There are songs, and websites, and fabricated stories about bad, bad men. We’re in the midst of a gender war, and men are squarely in the crosshairs of a few tetchy man-scolders. Continue reading “14 Character Traits Young Men Learn from Good Men”

Book Review: Men On Strike

Men on strike coverMen are a strange bunch. We’ll fight each other to the death over a patch of land. We’ll go to the mat over an imagined insult. Sometimes we brawl just for fun. But we do not enjoy conflict with women. Any relationship therapist can tell you that men tend to retreat from arguments, leaving women frustrated and isolated, and leaving relationship problems unresolved. It may be the single most common complaint from women about the men in their lives. Continue reading “Book Review: Men On Strike”

Our Representatives Are Ensuring Another Newtown

voteOur elected officials have no meaningful incentive to prevent another murder committed by someone with severe mental illness. It’s not that they want these crimes to continue, but politicians are compelled to do things that will keep them in office. Unfortunately, the behaviors that maintain their power are sometimes very different from the behaviors that would solve problems. Continue reading “Our Representatives Are Ensuring Another Newtown”

Why I Don’t Care About My Daughter’s Self-Esteem

good self-esteem!Let’s pretend that your child’s psyche is a container into which you can pour any mix of personality traits you wish. In my imaginary world, you can skip right past the terrible twos and the trying teens. You get to concoct your ideal offspring. Here are a few sample traits to get you started: Continue reading “Why I Don’t Care About My Daughter’s Self-Esteem”

Are Liberals More Intelligent than Conservatives? Another Broken Study Says It Is So

anti-conservative-researchIt happens like clockwork. Every few years, researchers contrive yet another study to prove that conservatives are mentally deficient. This time, the attack comes from evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa in his current paper, Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent. To be fair, gunning for conservatives does not appear to be his primary motive. Instead, he seems to have tied himself in knots trying to affirm a pet theory. Either way, he has recklessly disparaged millions. The methodology is atrocious. Continue reading “Are Liberals More Intelligent than Conservatives? Another Broken Study Says It Is So”

Guns and Suicide

Friends sometimes disagree with my explanation of suicidal behavior: I see it as an attempt to solve problems that seem overwhelming and interminable. Many people I’ve spoken to view suicide as an act of selfishness. Despite the difference of opinion, both viewpoints see suicide as a choice. I have encountered no one who views suicide as an accident that happens when a person is unwise enough to keep deadly devices on hand. Continue reading “Guns and Suicide”

Denver’s Diversity Training Video and its Place in the Diversity Industry

brown eye blue eye experimentWhen it comes to diversity training, I know whereof I speak. Having been subjected to 40 weeks worth during psychologist school – and that’s just for starters – I should be as “culturally competent” as they come. If aliens ever visit Earth I should be sent to greet them. Continue reading “Denver’s Diversity Training Video and its Place in the Diversity Industry”