Five Reasons Why Marijuana Is a Real Jerk Sometimes


I have no moral objection to pot; I have a moral objection to outlawing it. But that doesn’t mean I like the stuff. As a psychologist, I’ve developed a powerful distaste for pot’s effect on the human spirit. It spawns inertia, harms relationships, fuels anxiety, and snuffs out potential. Pot is a petty saboteur, and he’ll chip away at your soul if you let him. More

Book Review: Men On Strike


In her new book, Men On Strike, Dr. Helen says that men are dropping out of higher education, marriage, and fatherhood. Why? These institutions have become hostile toward men, she says. She believes men are foregoing relationships and commitments that are fraught with emotional and financial traps, choosing instead to enjoy a life free from societal name-calling, biased family courts, and second-class status. If she’s right, we’re in trouble. More

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

Why do nice guys finish last?

Matt wrote in to ask why nice guys like him never get the girl. Take it easy there, Matt. Let’s make sure that’s true before we go off the deep end. It says here in these official psychology journals that… oh, wait. It’s true. Nice guys finish last. Well then. Let’s see what we can do about it. More