Denver’s Peaceful Warriors: Developmental Disabilities and the Martial Arts

“Hi Mark, I’m breathing!” Click.

That’s one of hundreds of voicemails Mark Nothdurft has received from his students over the years. This one is from Nick, a spirited young man with autism who has studied martial arts with Mark for more than a decade. Continue reading “Denver’s Peaceful Warriors: Developmental Disabilities and the Martial Arts”

PsychNotes • Get Me Some Numbers, Stat!

Here’s a fact of life as comforting as it is troubling: most everything regresses to the mean. The good news: every sweltering day will eventually be followed by a cooler one. The bad news: every eight-year-old with a stratospheric IQ will be closer to average by the time they’re 10. Numbers are so beautiful and so heartless. Here are five (5) stories on the subject. No more, no less. Continue reading “PsychNotes • Get Me Some Numbers, Stat!”

Why Victimhood Is Thriving at College, and What We Can Do about It

Trigger Warning: This ironshrink post contains reference to hash browns.Here’s a modern-day riddle. In a world where predators prey on weakness, why would anyone pretend to be gutless and fragile? Bad guys search for vulnerability in their victims. It makes no sense to paint a target on oneself by feigning weakness. Continue reading “Why Victimhood Is Thriving at College, and What We Can Do about It”

June PsychNotes • Summer with the Young ‘Uns

June PsychNotesMy nine-year-old daughter is pretty gloomy these days. She loves her school and she’s sad the year is over. Me, I’m pretty happy about it. We get to go places and do things together. We’re even going to build an arcade machine this summer. She’s going to teach me how to use tools and arrange electronics. Continue reading “June PsychNotes • Summer with the Young ‘Uns”

April PsychNotes • Strange Perceptions

psychedelicHere’s something to ponder. None of us know what’s happening right now because everything we see and hear has already occurred. It takes time for light and sound to reach us, plus more time to process information once it arrives. By the time we’re aware of what’s happening, it’s already history. Perception is tricky business. Here’s more trickiness… Continue reading “April PsychNotes • Strange Perceptions”

Stop Saying There Are No Good Men if You Want a Good Man

Where are all the good men?Right now, as I very slowly type, I know several men who are looking for the women of their dreams. These are smart men. Men of kindness and character. Men who frequently leave me envious of their checking accounts, their intellect, their ability to dress well.

Maybe it’s because I’m a shrink, but I almost always know several great guys who are looking for great women. Continue reading “Stop Saying There Are No Good Men if You Want a Good Man”

February PsychNotes

February PsychNotesAs we wrap up the 2015 wrap-ups, here is the New Yorker’s list of the year’s most interesting psychology papers.

In other news, Valentine’s day approaches. Some people appreciate the holiday less than others (we call those people “men”), but I think it’s a great opportunity to think about our connections to others even in platonic or professional contexts. No matter how charismatic or empathetic we are, there’s always room to improve our connection to others. Continue reading “February PsychNotes”